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International Activities

In addition to programmes in the area it covers, the Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation is a member of DOCOMOMO International.

In 1994 Iberian DOCOMOMO organised the third conference of DOCOMOMO International in Barcelona with the title “The challenge of modernity: critical revision and current positions”. It covered questions to do with the cultural legacy of Modern Movement architecture and its contribution to contemporary architecture.

Iberian DOCOMOMO is part of DOCOMOMO International's registration committee, the entity that organises the International Register and international seminars. So far the International Registration Committee has held four international seminars: in Athens in 2003, Belgium in 2005, London in 2007 and Oviedo in 2010.

Course: Intervention in heritage

The Andalucian Institute for Heritage (IAPH) and the Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation organised the course "Intervention in contemporary heritage: methods and techniques". Given the specific features of this work, the main aim was to establish a reference point for intervening in modern heritage.

The course, on 18, 19 and 20 November 2009, lasted 20 hours and took place at the headquarters of the Andalucian Institute for Heritage in Seville. It familiarised professionals with case studies, methods and techniques for intervention that must be considered essential for safeguarding these works.

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